the lunar eclipse condensed to 3 seconds, for those of you who had clouds or are in a hurry

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unofficial-sentiments asked: Aww boo. Well come sit next to me in the sexless clubhouse. Lol

Ok cool see you there

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unofficial-sentiments asked: Well I hope you knock it out of the part so good luck! And are you getting dick soon too or is that just a joke lol

No I was talking to someone earlier about it lol it’s not happening

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unofficial-sentiments asked: Oh congratulations!!! Where will you be working?

It’s an interview so I don’t wanna get too excited but if I get the job I’ll be working for a Emory University Hospital.

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Let me rephrase that.

If I cross state lines to get the D, you bae now. That wasn’t an offer that was a warning 😂

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unofficial-sentiments asked: Hey, how have you been lately? Smiling a little more?

Yes actually! I got a job interview in Atlanta and it’s not in a nursing home! 😃

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If you want me I cross state lines to get the D

You bae now.


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Staying positive doesn’t mean you don’t feel sad or angry sometimes, it just means you keep on going anyway.

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